Sarah Wingerter, M.D.
Boston, MA

Sarah Wingerter is a pediatric emergency medicine physician and writer in Boston. She is interested in the intersection between story and clinical practice and in the use of narrative to foster communication, improve team-building, reduce errors, and decrease burn-out among healthcare professionals.

Why did you choose the CNP's certificate program?

After being introduced to the concepts of narrative practice at Columbia's narrative medicine workshops, I wanted to deepen my understanding of the theory behind narrative practice and to strengthen and refine my skills. I was looking for a structured program that would still allow me to continue my work as a physician while completing a course of study in narrative.

What has been your experience with low-residency education, e.g. August residency week, online sessions?

The program has exceeded my already high expectations! The inaugural class week in August provided an intensive introduction not only to the basic concepts of narrative practice but to the virtually unlimited applications of narrative. That week laid the groundwork for the coming year's curriculum and forged a bond between the students and core faculty. The almost-weekly online sessions help preserve the energy and sense of connection the August week created.

What has the highlight of the program been for you so far?

One of the great highlights has been becoming part of a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to exploring the application of narrative practice to healthcare and other fields. The group's diverse backgrounds and talents ensure that we continue to challenge and inspire each other to think in new ways.


How do you envision you will apply this intensive training in narrative in your life, professionally and/or personally?

Gaining narrative competence will lend insight to my daily interactions with patients, medical trainees, and fellow hospital staff members. On a broader level I plan to use this narrative training to create workshops in narrative for healthcare professionals.